The Blue Granite Commitment

The art of searching titles has been practiced by professionals for hundreds of years. In recent times some methods of finding information have changed, but the time-tested analysis applied by skilled practitioners – the type that picks up exceptions machines will never see - remains the same.

Our job as abstractors is to find the pertinent information concerning records affecting real estate titles. We know errors in title reports occur for a number of reasons, most notably, local peculiarities. These deviations often escape detection by an abstractor unfamiliar with the record keeping idiosyncrasies of a county in which that abstractor seldom works.

Abstractors vary in both their approach to title searching and their skills. Counties also different in the ways they retain and report public records. Each county has its own systems. At Blue Granite Title, we are aware of the increasingly complex and litigious world in which we work and apply our understanding to every search we undertake.

Our abstractors have extensive experience is all 46 counties of South Carolina. We do not practice law. Our job is to search and report the public records and deliver our findings to those who do practice law. We submit our title reports only to attorneys licensed to practice law in South Carolina.

Like everyone, we use the internet. We do not, however, rely upon the information provided by the internet. All data gathered from the web is joined with other information and verified in the county courthouse. We believe the internet is a tool to increase our efficiency, helping us open our files before we go to the courthouse, not the final source of accurate data.


The Blue Granite Approach

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