December 2005

The Speakerís Corner

December 2005


Dear Santa Claus,


Iíve been very good this year Ė good enough that I think Iíve earned some extra consideration on my unique gift list.  Iíve taken care of my clients, faithfully written a monthly column for the NALTEA newsletter, and finally updated my website Ė not to mention a dozen other good deeds for friends and family.  So, letís begin with the simple stuffÖ


Nothing to wear;

Clients who care;

Crystal clear plats;

No client spats;

No quitclaim deeds;

No negotiated fees;

No last minute orders;

All smiling recorders;

No hard-to-find liens;

Clean titles Ė by all means!


And, Santa, just so you know Iím really serious about this list, let me say it another way: 


If you bring me clients who appreciate my diligence and experience and occasionally Ė just occasionally - tell me so and clients who pay on time and accept the value my skills bring to their firm without negotiating (lower) my fees, Iíll be the best little abstractor youíve ever seen in 2006!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.  I would love to meet you some day because you look very handsome on all our Christmas cards.  I promise to leave you some tasty treats by the fireplace, so be careful when you come out of the chimney that you donít step in them with your dusty boots!


With lots of love and highest hopes,




P.S.  If you have a special holiday wish for the coming year, write me at



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