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 People have been titling land for more than 5,000 years. While for centuries property was owned at the will of the king or other all-powerful authority, many long-held practices were radically modified by the new, more democratic ideas adopted by the United States.
The Speaker's Corner - November 2006
 Mortgage Fraud: Buyers Beware - Has this happened to you? You've been approached about ways to get quick cash in return for a mortgage issued by a person and not a regular bank or mortgage company?
 (NALTEA) expresses grave concerns and opposes the online publication of the public records due to the sensitive information the records often contain.
One-Third of All Residential Real Estate Transactions...
 Have Title Issues, According to Survey
Data exposure: Counties across the U.S. posting sensitive info online
 Broward County, Fla., Maricopa County, Ariz., Fort Bend County, Texas. Three counties separated by hundreds of miles with something in common:
December 2005
 Have you been good little abstractors this year? If so, when you write your letter to Santa this holiday season, you might want to include some special requests this year. Click the link ablove to read the letter I’m considering:
The Speaker’s Corner
Published in the Newsletter for NALTEA
 Title industry professionals must enlighten their clients with regard to the dangers of internet-only title searches. While technology serves our industry and its clients by increasing efficiency, it also encourages a less comprehensive approach to title examination. Readers, writing in response to my last column, made statements like “The value we bring as title examiners to the process is adding the skill of reading, reviewing, analyzing, interpreting and reporting the documents that affect a title.” A good abstractor would never take the data found on the internet as reliable. A smart client will always confirm that the report they see represents more than internet-available data.
September/October 2005
 Last month, I asked, “Is anyone out there?” The answer is yes. I have been pleasantly surprised at the feedback I have received. While not everyone agreed with my position, I think I can say that my articles have been successful.
August 2005
 Last month I asked the members of NALTEA to send me their suggestions for new laws on open records. Although I received none, I continue to feel this is a critical issue to our members so I will write this month’s column based on personal opinion and my study of proposed legislation.
July 2005
 Why are documents filed with the government public? Our country has long held the tradition of having open records freely available to anyone. It provides assurance to our citizens that our government is operating effectively and it prevents our government officials from acting illegally or in secret. The reason public records are public is so our citizens can monitor our government.
June 2005
 Over the next few months, this column will devote itself to the ongoing battle of public records vs. an individual’s rights to privacy. This topic is an old debate and one that will not go away.



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